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Now a New Fake Photo von Kitayama and Meisa .... I hate this Rumour Please Fans help!
So you fuck the fans I've painted snout full!
What is this? Why do you write for all the images that are Hiro and Meisa?
They're not! I hate you for it. Because something coming more and more new rumors! it need not be. Just where our guys have to have their so nice start fucking her fans with such images.

Normal images and Fakebilder with you're okay, however no one says anything, but no pictures where the name of Meisa is, that's the Meisa in the picture.

That's just under all pig!

I speak for all fans Hiro.
So what? I also have a normal picture with Hiro made​​, but I also my name!
And not the name of Meisa you know what I mean?

I will lock each page twice as if I see a fucking fake picture and name because Meisa is under!

Every single person here has even a little bit in my head grips can probably Meisa differ from a fan!

I have the schnauße so full. Meisa and Jin have enough problems in the neck.
The do not need such a fucking fake pictures! slow enough!

If cih here on Tumblr twice as see a picture where Meisa name is any rumor or I'll report you understand?

Our guys have Kis just behind a nice start, and 1 year
Because now not need the trouble along with rumors understood by the neck?

I'm actually a man who has nothing against fans, but something is not to forgive!!
Got it??

I would love it if other fans to keep me, the same way I see the!

Thank you!


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