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What is New for Today or ever? ^.-

The summer is almost over! The night will be shorter and it slowly again
cooler outside! I already have the first sniff!

This here is my new Youtube page!

And this is my  Tumblr Site^^

And now this is me on Facebook

I've been thinking on whether I should make a separate webpage Kis My FT2?
A website or a forum would not be such a bad thing
I have to look what I can off the ground!

What I look for in mom drama?


Rich man or Poor Woman

Beginners! with Fujigaya Taisuke and Kitayama Hiromitsu

Firstly, I have to GTO and Rich man or poor woman say the best drama are there currently are!
Yesterday I saw the new show Kis My FT2've laughed broken: D BUSAIKU
I hope so much that it will give the show any longer.
If it is not so expensive, I'm going on Wednesday in the Eifel mountains!
My grandma visit ^___^

Well that's it from me, the mom I have big all to report.
The following week, I will make music videos to Sailor Moon.
Check it then on my youtube channel over I would be happy.

Then.... See you soon ^___^


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