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Kis My FT2 & Meisa Kuroki NEW FAKE FAN FOTO from Tumblr!!!! >_____
On Tumblr last night showed up again and I have a photo
now honestly say I'm mad stinky!!


Why am I mad?
Have been asleep because now everyone has to think of course the Meisa and Hiro together!

This is not Meisa! what this is actually a fan to do something like that?
Although one knows yet exactly how this shit Jin and Meisa
Moment comes! The two do have enough trouble on my hands!

Need for other fans now have a place on it???

I hate rumors!
Can you all hear it finally on?
Hiro and Meisa is then just walked away together as friends!
This is again just a fan who wants to make himself important, but just something like that!
What is the shit?

Jin and Meisa've already got enough problems!!
Can you both do not even leave in peace? just because Meisa also
Pregnant can not use them at all something like a new fake image

Sure ... a fan with Hiro in bed together and then say this is
Meisa!! I hate Fans whoever took the photo!

I know this does not concern me, but before the rumors get worse.
What if the photo can cause a lot again?
It never thinks her fans!

Makes it easy to photos! But no pictures where again some
fucking Meisa must think about! Slowly it goes!

Has been the one who took the photo should really be ashamed!!!!


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